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Hospice: 01634 830456
Fundraising: 01634 831163

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Last year was an amazing year for our fundraising appeals and this year we have more exciting things happening.

2019 Knit, Stitch & Natter Meetings

All meetings are held in the Education Centre at The Wisdom Hospice from 2pm until 4pm.

Wednesday 30th January, Wednesday 27th March, Wednesday 1st May, Wednesday 3rd July, Wednesday 4th September and Wednesday 20th November.

Knitting Appeal

The Big Wisdom Knit

Our Knit, Stitch and Natter Group have been given permission to display their knitting in the window of our Chatham shop, which can't come at a more perfect time as The Pentagon have chosen us as their Charity of the Year!

Inspired by a wonderful exhibition at Olympia by another hospice we thought we could attempt something similar but on a smaller scale.  October is the month chosen for our display which gives us some time to plan and knit our creations.  It will also link in with the Harvest Coffee morning.

Each plot/container should not exceed around 12" x 12" and you will need to obtain some thick, stiff card to use as a base to attach your knitting to. We have also raided the donations corner for baskets which could be filled with knitted flowers, insects etc.  Let your imagination go wild! You can work as an individual, in pairs or groups to produce your contribution.  The knitting should be permanently fixed to your base or basket as it will need to be transportable.

There are a few patterns below to help you get those imagination cells working overtime!

If you can't knit but want to get involved perhaps you could help by donating some double knit wool as you can imagine our group will be going through a lot and any colour would be brilliant we will use it all.

Thank you for your support.


Christmas Appeal

We were once again overwhelmed by donations of knitted items in the build-up to Christmas! Stockings, candy canes, robins, tea cosies, Christmas puddings, snowflakes and elves, all proved very popular when on sale at the many events over the festive period.  Knitting for The Friends in 2016 from the Easter, Summer & Christmas Appeals as well as from the Knit, Stitch and Natter group, hospice Fayres, and community events has raised over £2,500!  Thank you to all our knitters for making this possible. 

A special thanks to Pat Wade and Sue Turner who work tirelessly to make this all happen. Our knitting group has evolved so much and it’s all thanks to them.

Support our Easter Appeal

Please find below some patterns to get you started.  Happy knitting!

Bunny Egg Cosies Pattern.pdf
Novelty_Eggs Pattern.pdf
Easter_Egg_Treats Pattern.pdf
Easter Bunny.pdf
Bunny from a square.pdf
Rabbit in a dress.pdf
Mini Egg Basket Pattern.pdf
knitted eggs.pdf
White Duck & Yellow Chick Pattern.pdf
Knitted Christmas Pudding.pdf
ice cream.pdf
Dangly Leg Santa.pdf
Gingerbread Man Knitting Pattern.pdf
Knitted Christmas Pudding.pdf
Gingerbread Man Knitting Pattern.docx
Knitting Pattern Christmas Stockings.pdf (1)
Knitting Pattern Father Christmas.pdf (1)
Snowman knitting pattern.docx
Knitting Pattern Snowman.pdf
snowflake pattern.pdf (1)
Christmas Bells.pdf
Knitting Pattern Father Christmas.doc
Knitted Christmas Pudding.doc
Knitting Pattern Snowman.doc
Treats for Santa and Reindeer.pdf
Christmas Stockings.docx
Father Christmas knitting pattern.docx
Candy Cane Cozy stitching pattern.docx
Christmas Pudding stitching pattern.docx
  • Wool Plea

    We are in need of some clean double knitting wool. Please get in touch if you have any spare.

    Thank you.

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Another Successful Hempstead Easter Stall Completed...

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